What Is Blog and Blogging And The Myths You Should Know About Blogging

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What is a Blog?

In simple words, a blog can be defined as an online channel like a diary or journal where you can post content.

Content can be anything, it might be your personal thoughts, professional knowledge, stories etc.

Who is a Blogger?

A blogger is someone who blogs or writes content for a blog. Blogger share his/her experience, thoughts with the target audience, like food bloggers, travel bloggers etc.

You can also choose your niche and become a blogger in any particular topic.

What is Blogging?

The art of maintaining or writing a blog is called blogging. 

A person writing a blog on wordpress

Why is Blogging So popular?

Nowadays blogging is the main source of consuming information. Most people do not read newspapers or magazines; they prefer to read online content like blogs, e-newspapers etc. Therefore blog or online content is the main source for the people to consume any information they want.

You can also use blogs to give regular updates to your clients.

Readers visit blogs they comment on and in this way they can interact with blog authors or other readers.

You can also earn money with blogging and it is the one of the main reasons why blogging is so popular today. 

What is the difference between blog and website?

Here you can see that Digital Pushkraj is a blog where you can only have a bunch of blogs or articles nothing other than that. So basically blog is a site where you can only have content in a written form of articles. You may have some audio or video content along with that.

Take an example of food blog where you have write recipes of different type of food items, drinks etc. it is called as blog not a website.

Now, above you can see the website of the common floor. They are primarily the real estate website where you can find real estate property according to your need and location, you can interact with them, and many other options are available on their site so you can call it as a real estate website not a blog. 

But they also have an option for blog and if you click on it in their menu you will be redirected to their blog there you can find a bunch of articles related to real estate.

You can have only a blog site or you can integrate a blog with your website. But both are two different things and don’t get confused with them.

I hope you have understood the difference between blog and website.

We have seen what blog is, whom we call blogger, what blogging is. We have seen why blogging is so popular and the difference between blog & website.

Now, the most important part is coming here. If you want to be a successful blogger you must read further section carefully. Most people end up with quitting their blogging because they don’t understand the facts given below.

Myths About Blogging

1. You Need To Be Lucky to succeed

People often say that ‘if you are lucky then only you will succeed in blogging.

But here I want to tell you that luck has nothing to do with blogging success. Successful bloggers didn’t start writing their blog one day and became a hit.

They work hard…

They learned things that work after a lot of trials and errors…

They spent hours on writing and promoting…

One step after another…

Post after post,month after month…

And succeeded…

It’s their efforts that;s behind their success, not their luck. So it’s not the right to say that you need to be lucky to succeed in blogging. 

2. You need a huge audience & a million hits per month to succeed

Most people think that if we have a huge audience base, more no. of followers, if we will get millions of hits to our blog then only we will succeed in blogging.

But here, nothing is like that. You don’t need a huge audience or millions of hits to your blog.

Most blogs grow slowly and may not attract a vast audience.

All you need is the right audience. If you have only a few hundreds or thousands of audience, you are delivering valuable content to them and they are liking your content, on the road you will make plenty with that right audience by converting them to your customers and finally into your raving fans.

I’ve seen people who make plenty with an email list of just thousands and people who make pennies with an email list of lakhs.

Here is the key to success is attracting the right audience.

3. Blogging is free

NO, it’s not. At Least if you want to succeed with blogging. 

Suppose you are going to create ‘xyz.blogspot.com’ then it’s free. But with that you can’t develop brand/personal brand because it comes with blogspot.com.

To monetize your blog, to make money with your blog you need a domain like yourname.com (ex. DigitalPushkraj.com) and a decent host to start with and it won’t cost you too much.

You will easily get a domain and hosting at rs.2000-3000 for a year.

You may also have to invest in the right email tool or keyword research tool or landing page. All these are essential for your growth and it depends on your goals.

You have to invest more time as compared to money.

4. You need to be tech savvy

People often think we don’t know HTML, coding, we are not tech savvy so how can we create websites and learn digital marketing ?

Trust me you don’t need to be a technical person to be successful, you can easily create websites and learn digital marketing. I will teach you step by step how to create a website and how to learn digital marketing.

You don’t need any coding knowledge, we can easily create websites with drag and drop tools without zero coding.

And, it’s possible. Believe me. You can create any website, even e-commerce websites with zero coding.

5. You have to be great writer to succeed

Not everyone is a great writer.

I’m also not. I’m still learning and polishing my craft and so are many others are doing the same thing.

You don’t have to be a great writer, but you should be willing to learn to write better.

When I started blogging I was not able to write even 500 words articles. But I have been writing everyday and with practice and learning, now I can write more than 2000 words easily without any hesitation.

you should be honest to understand your weak zones and take measures to get better and should be ready to write more and regularly because that’s the only way to get better. 

6. You have to post everyday


Most people quit blogging because they felt if they don’t blog everyday, they won’t succeed.

It’s not the quantity that matters, but the quality.

Suppose if you have more than 20 posts on your blog but the quality of posts is not good people will end up leaving your blog as soon as they land on your blog. And if you have only 5-6 post posts with quality content people will spend more time on your bog and they might visit again.

Google tracks all this activity and it automatically sends more traffic to your blog which has quality content. 

Well. if you can follow a schedule (one post a week or once in two weeks), it definitely helps.

But if you only post when you have something to share, it will also work for you as long as content you post is of high quality and people feel it’s worth the wait.

7. Your blog should be perfect from the beginning

People also think that to start a blog I need a logo, good design/theme, proper headlines, titles.


When you start you don’t need a perfect logo or the design or the tagline. You don’t have to get your headlines perfect or opening paragraphs great or fantastic closing.

What matters is…


Starting today is 10x better than getting everything right and starting sometime in future.

So don’t wait for perfection, start today with whatever you have. 

8. If you blog, people will come

NO, They won’t

Even if you have the best content in the world that can potentially change the people’s lives, no one will come if you are not telling anyone about your blog.

Getting your content in front of your audience is as important as writing the great piece of content. Many people don’t get this.

They focus more on getting their blog post right. But then, they wait for the first visitor to come and consume it. Which never happens and kills their enthusiasm and their blog.

Do you want to know how to get visitors to your blog?

I will be telling you in my further articles. Stay tuned…

Comment below if you have any questions. You can also comment your thoughts about this post. 


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