How To Choose A Right Topic For Your Blog

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Before reading about how to choose a right topic for your blog lets first understand what is blog? and why blogging is popular?

What is a Blog?

In simple words, a blog can be defined as an online channel like a diary or journal where you can post content.

Content can be anything, it might be your personal thoughts, professional knowledge, stories etc.

Who is a Blogger?

A blogger is someone who blogs or writes content for a blog. Blogger share his/her experience, thoughts with the target audience, like food bloggers, travel bloggers etc.

You can also choose your niche and become a blogger in any particular topic.

What is Blogging?

The art of maintaining or writing a blog is called blogging. 

Why is Blogging popular?

In today’s age blogging is the main source of consuming information. Most people do not read newspapers or magazines; they prefer to read online content like blogs, e-newspapers etc. Therefore blog or online content is the main source for the people to consume any information they want.

You can also use blogs to give regular updates to your clients.

Readers visit blogs they comment on and in this way they can interact with blog authors or other readers.

You can also earn money with blogging and it is the one of the main reasons why blogging is so popular today. 

Do you want to be a successful and professional blogger? Blogging can be a rewarding career option. If you become a blogger you will have an advantage of time, location and financial freedom. It’s definitely fun and rewarding.

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But your blogging success depends on the topic you choose to write about. Choosing the right topic is the key to become successful in blogging. There are three main factors involved in choosing the right topic for your blog. Let’s discuss all of them in this article.

1. Passion

First let’s talk about finding your true passion.

Think about what you are generally interested about, What magazines, blogs or websites do you visit?

And also think about what do you talk about with your friends the most.

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Because it’s not only about what content you consume but what is the type of content when you have unique thoughts about it and you like to share it with other people.

So you might be interested in any topic, it could be travel, fitness, food, technology or it could be about space exploration like that.

But of all the topics you are interested in reading about now, think about what the topics you are interested in talking about because blogging is not very different, you are writing an article for your blog readers, your friends, it’s just like that you are sharing your thoughts with them.

And it happens with topics where you have your own unique ideas or thoughts with those topics and that’s when you add values.

You just don’t want to consume content and just deliver it in any other format, you want to add your own ideas to it and that is what blogging is and being a thought leader is about.

If you are choosing a topic where you just read  about it and you are not passionate about it, you don’t like to talk about it very much then it is an uphill task to maintain a blog that you are not passionate about. 

You can’t always keep doing new research and come up with new articles then you will not be a category leader in your blog because there will be other people who are even more passionate about the topic who will do a better job than you.

So, finding this passion is one of the most important tasks in coming up with the topic for your blog.

2. Market Opportunity

If you are involved in a market, you will know the demand automatically.

Giving my own example, why I chose topic digital marketing?

When I was learning, I used to learn from YouTube but I found that with free resources you never get much valuable content. Then I learned with some paid courses but that cost me a huge amount.

So then after learning for 5+ years and gaining a lot of experience through implementation of what I learned, I got positive results then I decided to start my own digital marketing blog and free video courses (coming very soon) to help enthusiast learners to become successful digital marketers.

While in digital marketing field I came to know that it has huge market but there is some gaps those needs to be filled out. So, I decided to take this opportunity as responsibility to filled out those gaps.

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You will also do a keyword research.

Keyword research is also a good way to find out what people demand, what the market needs.

You can use following methods or tools to find out what people are searching in search engine:

  • Google Trends
  • Google Auto Suggest
  • Quora
  • YouTube channel and view count

With these basic methods you can easily find out what people actually search about.

There are more tools for advance keyword research

  • Ahrefs (Paid Tool)
  • SEMRush (Paid Tool)
  • Uber Suggest (Free Tool)
  • Google Keyword Planner (You need a google ad account to use this tool)
  • Keywords Everywhere 
  • Word Tracker etc.

And also if you think to enter in a market with no competition then it’s a very wrong way to think because if there is no competition then there is a possibility that there is also not any market opportunity.

You must have to understand that competition is good, they prime the market. And the competition makes the market ready to purchase products and services.

3. Talent

The third piece of puzzle is talent. Let’s say you are passionate about digital marketing. There is a market for content about digital marketing. But if you can’t write about it or create valuable content around it, then there is no way that you can survive in the world of blogging.

But the good thing is that you can acquire talent. Passion can’t be acquired. You can’t create market opportunities. But you can easily learn and earn skills in the topic you are passionate about.

Final Thought

Niche selection

Match all the three as much as possible. 

Match talent, market, passion and try to find the topic which matches all the three.

I hope this article gave you an idea about how to choose the right topic to be a successful blogger by making sure that topic of your blog fits into all the three circles.

All the best for your blogging journey! If you have any questions leave a comment below.


Hi, I'm Pushkraj Mandlik, an aspiring blogger, freelancer and digital marketer who enjoys enlightening others with digital marketing knowledge.

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