The Ultimate Guide To Start With Digital Marketing

I am digital pushkraj writing this article on digital marketing because it helped me to secure my career when I was struggling to get a job after completing engineering.

I know many of you are struggling to get jobs or to get started with a new startup.

I was also one of you. When I completed my engineering in mechanical I was struggling to get a job. I thought about starting my own business but I didn’t have the capital to start a business.

I was fighting with frustration and depression, feeling helpless.

One day I came to know about digital marketing and the opportunities in it. And I decided to dive into it, rather I didn’t have any option.

After hard work and dedication I got a reward. Digital marketing changed my life.

Finally I got the option to start with and to build a strong and secure career. Now I want to share my knowledge with you, this may help you too.

If you are struggling to get a new job or not satisfied with your current job, you want to generate extra side income along with a current job to be financially stable, you want to start your own business and to build your own empire.

Then, this article is for you. Digital marketing can help you to get a new job, it can helps you to become a part time or full time freelancer,it can also helps to start your own business or digital marketing agency etc.

In this article I am gonna tell you about

  • All the basic concepts of digital marketing
  • What is digital marketing
  • Opportunities in digital marketing and
  • How to start with digital marketing to build your career and stand with confidence.

What is Digital Marketing?

The art of getting customers for a business via online or digital mediums is called digital marketing.

It has so many modules inside it such as social media, search engine, email marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing and so on.

It is much more complex than traditional marketing like newspapers, T.V., radios, magazine ads etc. and that is why digital marketing experts are in high demand.

Why is Digital Marketing The Next Big Thing?

People used to consume content via tv, newspapers, magazines and radio.

But now people are using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, reading blogs and so on. People became more tech savvy. Most people are using online resources rather than offline.

To be a successful marketer we have to advertise where people hangout.

Companies need digital marketing expats to help manage their ad campaigns and if you are running a digital marketing agency they will pay 10-20% on ad spends as salary or commission.


India has the second largest internet user base according to Wikipedia. It is only behind China with 74 crore and it’s more than the USA.


According to the report of Statista India will have an internet user base of almost 97 crore by 2025.

Digital marketing spends are huge in many developed countries and also in India it’s growing very fast

In US digital ad spending represents 45% of US total media ad spending.

According to Economic Times of India digital ad spend in India slated to cross Rs.23,795 crore by 2020. It represents 38% of total ad spend in India.


We know that digital marketing is a growing field and the data shown above also proves that. But how can we make use of this trend and benefit from this.

What’s Our Opportunity in Digital Marketing?

  1. With digital marketing you can do personal branding. It helps with getting a job and it also helps in entrepreneurship.
  2. You can help other companies as a consultant or an employee when you have digital marketing expertise.
  3. This knowledge can help you to build your own business. You know very well that marketing is the most important function in business.
  4. work as a freelancer and earn handsome money by completing projects for your clients.

Digital Marketing Jobs in India

Plenty of jobs in digital marketing in India are available because

  • It’s a new field.
  • Thousands of companies are looking for experts in digital marketing.
  • There are not enough digital marketing experts in the market.
  • Digital marketing jobs are the highest paying jobs in the industry today.

If you go on LinkedIn and search for digital marketing jobs you will find more than 15-16 thousands of jobs are available for digital marketers.

Not Interested in a Job?

If you are not interested in a job (like me).

You can use the knowledge to build your own business.

Start a side business and bring a consistent stream of income (there are many opportunities like web developing, social media advertising, niche blogging etc).

Consult clients on digital marketing strategies or start a digital marketing agency or work as a freelancer.

Who Can Learn Digital Marketing?

Anyone can learn. Subject of study doesn’t matter. No tech background needed, no coding or programming knowledge needed to become a digital marketing expert.

For example I am a mechanical engineer, don’t have any coding or programming knowledge still working as a successful digital marketing freelancer.

You can learn after 12th std. Or during college. After your college or as an experienced working professional, there is no any age limit.

You only need a computer and internet connection to learn and become a digital marketing expert.

How To Learn Digital Marketing?

The best way to learn is to self learn with a guide. That’s how I did it. I got a mentor from India as well as from the USA. I learned online from them and they helped me to become a successful freelancer. Similarly I will be your guide for learning digital marketing.

Books may not help you to learn digital marketing because it’s a very fast changing field.

The best way to learn is online blogs and online courses.

You can learn from my lessons, practice and grow. (Very soon I am coming with free digital marketing courses, keeping reading my blog for regular updates).

Start With a Niche Blog

Create a blog on your favorite topic.

Start a blog, create online profiles, drive traffic to your blog, experiment and learn with your blog.

This blog can bring income, prove your expertise in digital marketing and this could become something big.

Read here: How to choose niche (topic) for your blog

Various Modules in Digital Marketing

The major components in digital marketing are:

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Analytics

Content Marketing

The creation and distribution of valuable content to build and engage an audience for your brand.

So, this is gonna be giving people value for free and you treat that value for trust of your customer.

We go to the internet to consume any information or content, so content is the central piece of digital marketing no matter what you do in digital marketing, content always comes first.

Content can include:

  • Blog
  • YouTube channel or other video options
  • Podcast
  • Email newsletter
  • Any other free content medium

Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

When you use google you would have seen there two types of links in the google search.

First one is with an ad tag and another one is without an ad tag.

Generally the first 3-4 results come with ad tags. And if you want to put there your ad, this is basically done with the search engine marketing or google ads. 

That’s what search engine marketing can do. You have to pay google to list your ad there at the top.

Then below that you can see organic listings and you can’t control that organic listings by paying google.

These are automatically tracked and indexed on google search engine. This can be done with search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is completely organic, no need to pay anything but you have to optimize your website to rank high on google search engine. 

Social Media Marketing

Obviously you use social media such as facebook, instagram, twitter and if I am marketing on this platform it is called social media marketing.

Common goals of social media marketing are:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive traffic to your website 
  • Generate leads

Email Marketing

It’s the most direct and effective way of connecting with your leads, nurturing them, and turning them into customers, consistently winning out over all other marketing channels.

Email Marketing is the highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to potential or current customers.

Effective marketing emails convert prospects into customers, and turn one time buyer into loyal, raving fans.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is the measurement and analysis of data to understand user behavior across web pages.

Analytics platforms such as google analytics measure activity and behavior of users on a website, for example: how many users visit, how long they stay, how many pages they visit, which pages they visit, and how they arrive on the website etc.

Businesses use web analytics platforms to measure site performance and to look at key performance indicators that drive their business, such as purchase conversion rate.

More Modules in Digital Marketing

  • Digital advertising
  • Community management 
  • Data and optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ecommerce website creation and marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Influencer marketing

I will be publishing articles in detail on each and every modules of digital marketing.

How To Learn Digital Marketing Easily?

Now you have seen that there are various modules in digital marketing and you may think that digital marketing is much more complex.

Yes, digital marketing is complex and very powerful but learning digital marketing is not   tough. You can start learning digital marketing easily.

The best way to learn by doing and implementing what you learn, fast.

Kids learn by getting their hands dirty – and that’s how you can also learn. You need to feed your curiosity, you need to start with basics.

Start a website of your own, drive traffic to it and make revenue from ads or sales.

You need not have a website which gets lots of traffic, even if you get 5-10 visitors a day the amount of things you learn by starting your own website will be immense.And that is the only way to learn digital marketing in the best and the most efficient way.

Whatever effort you have put into creating a website and driving traffic to it will not be wasted because if you are applying for a job and if you show your website as a project you will stand out from the others that have only certificates.

If you are not interested in a job then it’s also fine, you can use your website for testing and experimenting.

Having your own website also helps in personal branding.

The Advantages With Digital Marketing

  • You can start learning with just a computer and internet connection.
  • No need to go to college or institution and no need to buy any additional physical equipment or tools.
  • Almost all tools and techniques work on free trials and small budgets.
  • You can become a digital marketing expert with less than Rs.5,000

What’s Next?

I hope now you know what is digital marketing and what are the various modules of digital marketing.

But what’s next?

You need to start learning and implementing by yourself. For that purpose you need to create your own website and to create a website you must have your niche (topic) to write about.

And I am working on my next article ‘how to choose a topic for your blog’.

Please comment below with your feedback that will motivate me to come up with new articles soon.

You can also ask your question below in the comment box.



Very soon I am coming with my first self written book called “My 0 to 7 Figure Journey”.

Where I will be telling how I am achieving 7 figure income with digital marketing and digital mentoring and I will be also guiding you how to start with digital marketing.

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