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Hi, I Am Pushkraj Mandlik

Welcome to my blog! And glad that you  have checked out my about page. I am a passionate digital marketer. That’s why I called my self Digital Pushkraj.

I have been in the digital marketing industry since 2015. I write about digital marketing on this blog.

I am certified from Digital Marketer, Austin, Texas.

About Me

I am Pushkraj Mandlik, from Nashik, Maharashtra. I have completed my engineering in mechanical from Savatribai Phule University in 2017. 

Fortunately after completing engineering I didn’t get satisfactory job in my field or I can say that I didn’t take that much effort to find job. I was not interested in job. I wanted to do something different. At one stage I found that I was not passionate about my field. I use to enjoy working with computers rather than engines. During college in practical sessions working with engines and all I used to get tired very quickly and if I was working on computer I used to work hours and hours without getting tired.

I was always be curious about digital mediums like how to develop websites, how online advertising, search engines works and so on. I used to spend hours and hours to find how all they work and in this way I come to know about Digital Marketing. I started learning in every possible way, I started implementing, I failed so many time. Everyday I was spending more 8-10 hours in learning and practicing what I was learning.

I also learned a lot form Indian as well as International digital marketing masters. I completed all major digital marketing certifications from well known and worlds top digital marketing online training institute ‘Digital Marketer’.

As I said I was not interested in job, so I started working as freelancer, I develope wordpress websites. learning a lot and practicing I become expert in wordpress web developing/desingnig. I can create every sort of websites, from blog website to advance e-commerce website like Amazon and Flipkart etc. Eventhough at inital stages of freelancing I failed many times. I ended up with spending all my savings that I had in learning digital marketing. Then after having no option I worked in IT company for 8 months (obviously I was not satisfied their) and during that time I consulted with my mentors and they told me what I was doing wrong and after with their suggestions and guidance again I started with my passion with more courage. 

I remember when I got my first client as freelancer in july 2019. I developed an e-commerce website for her company for just rs.3000. The amount was very less as per work but the motivation was extremely powerful for me. That was eureka moment for me, it was absolutely life changing moment for me because it took almost two and half year for me to got my first client. But then doors of opportunities from all side got opened for me.

As of now I have developed websites for more than 100’s of clients, Indian as well as international. Initially when I was started I use to charge 4000-5000 for web development. Now I charge min. rs.20,000 and client always pay me happily because of the value I provide. It happened only because of practice and experience.

Now I want to share my digital marketing knowledge and my experience with all of you and want to help at least 1 lakh enthusiastic people to learn digital marketing to start earning with it.

Love Red heart Whatsapp emoji,

Digital Pushkraj 

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